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People like luxury duvet covers for a number of reasons, such as:

  1. Tencel™ Is Comfortable

    Being a natural fibre made of wood pulp coming from spruce, birch, beech, and eucalyptus trees, Tencel is a natural fibre. It is used by many sustainable fashion brands such as Lululemon and H&M. The fabric is very similar in feel to Rayon, being comfortable, lightweight, breathable, and soft in nature. This makes it great to be used in luxury duvet sets.
  2. Tencel™ Lasts Longer than Other Fabrics

    It is made of strong fibres, which makes it very durable in both dry and wet forms. You can easily care for it, and it is also very resistant to shrinkage.
  3. Tencel™ is Extremely Colour Rich

    Designed with color retention in mind, Tencel is very colour rich. This is because of the high absorbency of its fibres, which makes it easy to dye to high-quality standards.
  4. Tencel™ is Easy to Maintain

    Tencel fabric is very easy to maintain. You can easily pack it as it is wrinkle resistant and dries up fast. Most Tencel duvet covers are machine washable, but varying wash and care instructions may give you specific cleaning instructions.
  5. Tencel™ is Natural

    Made of natural cellulose that comes from wood pulp, Tencel is a fabric that is economical in its use of natural resources and energy. It is also fully biodegradable, being safe to decompose.

How to Care for Tencel Luxury Duvet Covers Sets

  • You need to hand wash delicate fabrics in cold water with a gentle detergent. Let it drip dry. It will shrink around 3% in the first wash, and then will not shrink anymore from then onwards.
  • Most garments do well when you machine wash them using the gentle cycle. However, drip drying is better than machine drying. If you want to line dry it, then shortly toss the duvet cover with a damp towel in the dryer to soften it up.
  • If you prefer ironing the garment, don’t heat up the iron too much. Avoid scorching the fabric and only use iron with warm temperature setting at most. Some Tencel garments are particularly labelled dry clean only.
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